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Besides, Dan wants to be able to root for the Braves against the Yankees.

Seriously folks, based on the input I inserted below, maybe we should check our facts. I am no lover of Hanoi Jane. I too, consider her a traitor. The things she said and did against some people whom I consider some of the finest Americans who ever served their country disgust me. I even have a comment about her on my site. But below is a statement I culled from a chat line of veterans and POW/MIA activists of which I'm a member. Because of the source, I believe it to be true. If so, while she's guilty of many atrocities to our Armed Forces men and women, the things listed in the original post are not true.

Here's the piece I copied.

"stop passing that "Hanoi Jane" article around the net. To say the least, it's an embellishment and to say the worse, it's patently false. Several P.O.W. witnesses have shot this thing down big-time so please DO NOT pass it around as if it were some "revelation." None of us appreciate Jane Fonda and her treacherous actions during that terrible conflict, but to throw flagrantly obvious falsehoods around is just as irresponsible."


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