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On 10/21/99 7:25:12 PM, DJ Lost wrote:
>Don't kid your self.. You said
>your family has been out of TP
>for a couple of days ROFLOL...
>Donna, spare your family and
>don't make hamburger helper
>tonight.. 3 days in a row is
>Rich... (and anyone else who
>wants jokes by email) send me
>a request and I will be glad
>to oblige.
>re: H&S. Ok. Thanks.
>DJ (Payback, not even close)

Ohhhhhhh You're DOGMEAT in H&S now! LOL Wait till I tell everyone about how you punish your children by depriving them of TP!!!! LOL That's just the TRUE stuff! LOL I have a good imagination! I make up neat stuff too! LOL

Re the Hamburger Helper: It was YOU who said that you make 7 times the normal amount once a week so that all you have to do is heat some up on the other days!

Oh yeah....and re those OBE's of yours....*chuckle*...Wanna extrapolate here???? LOL

*running....running...running really fast*

I did leave you a post in H&S! I hope you can find it though! We got a gazillion after that. *LOL*

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