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You think the stuff in the Restaurant is bad??? Get a load of this!

When I was a teenager I worked for the SS Kressge Company in the Forest Avenue Shoppers Town. I was young...and technically speaking...a child myself. Anyway, I cannot tell you how many "MOTHERS" came to my checkout with SCREAMING CHILDREN who wanted "prizes" because...well...just because. As if that wasn't bad enough, the REAL creme de la creme came when they did all of this ~behind their child's back~ WINKING and blinking stuff at me (like we had some kind of secret relationship) and then they would say something like: See??? I would buy it for you but there's a RULE that says this lady can't sell it to me!" And then she'd look at me and say: "RIGHT??? Right? Aren't I right?"

PAHLEEZE! I may have only been 14, but I knew then and there that THAT was a prime example of BAD PARENTING. Make that NON parenting.

Can you believe they had so little control with their own children that they actually wanted not only an outside force to enter the picture and do their job for them...but a child to boot!

It always put me in a bad spot because I felt embarrassed. I was raised NOT to disobey an adult...but this was plain wacky! Luckily I never went along with it. I was saved by the sheer SHOCK of it all! No matter how many times it happened (and it happened A LOT) ...I could never quite summon up ANY words about the situation. By the time the screaming child and winking "Mother" got the drift that I was NOT going to bail either one of them out of the situation.....

......the Mother was usually digging in her pocketbook for the money to pay for it.

That's sad...when the CHILD rules the PARENT!

My children were babies at one time too...but they NEVER acted like that. Sure, they asked for things, and that's ALL it was...a request. If I said was NO! There were no tantrums what~so~ever.

I could not fathom a supposed "MOTHER" being afraid to tell her own child...NO! Furthermore, I didn't appreciate being put in the part of the "Mean store lady"! LOL

I think the Mother's thought that calling me a "Lady" was going to soften me up and BUY my compliance....

...but boy oh boy were they WRONG!!!


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