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On 10/18/99 3:41:19 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>>I have a right to keep my
>lungs CLEAN. That is, as
>clean as this Universe we live
>in allows! *LOL* Non of us
>"need" to smoke. Those who
>smoke make a "decision" to do
>so. It's not a REQUIREMENT
>for sustaining life. Anyone
>making that choice should have
>no public priveliges attached
>to it what~so~ever. It's been
>scientifically proven to be
>harmful and I think that about
>says it all.
Ok Donna, here goes!!! Yes you have a "right to clean lungs",(if you give up this right.... oops wrong rights! LOL), but what about smoker's rights?
Since it has been scientifically proven that alcohol is bad for you, and it is NOT a requirement for sustaining life, should we now ban drinking in public places? Before you say that drinking only hurts the drinker, think of how many people are killed by drunk drivers every year. Or how about all the families that are abused due to alcohol? Do we shut down the bars? Stop people from drinking in restaurants?
While we're at it what about all the people that don't drive but get killed in car accidents? Driving is not a "requirement for sustaining life" either. Do we take away "public privileges" for drivers?
I could go on and on and on, with just about ANY product on the market, but the whole point is why when it comes to smoking is it OK for you and the health nazi's to say what should and shouldn't be? After all, more people die in auto accidents than from smoking, but you're not against driving are you?

BTW my Grandfather is 91 and in better health than I am, and he has smoked for the past 75 years!!! I believe either you are born to cancer or you aren't, and if you are you will get it anyway.

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