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I've been told to clarify my request on the history of Tottenville. In the Tottenville library, there is a book by Joline of Tottenville up to 1898. I have done a history of O.L.H.C. Church for the Centennial 1898-1998. I have written the beginning history for an article. What I'm looking for are insights into those 100 years from all of Tottenville's people of that time. One woman mailed me information from a painting from the early 1900's and named all the stores on Main Street at the time. Reading past postings I learned of the Hut by the original Tottenville HS (when it was IN Tottenville). History to me is not just a set of dates & cold facts. It's the people related to the place who are the history. For a couple of examples: Tell me about Tottenville during the war years. How did Tottenville react to the JFK's death? What were the 50's like? What places made an impact, like the Hut? Hope that makes it clearer.

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