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I was born in the (mid)sixties and I can tell you my mother ruled with a firm hand.

We were never allowed to run loose in public, we were required to say "thank you" and "your welcome".

The key: our up-bringing started at home.

You have to start at home. You can't expect to teach your child manners in public when they have never heard of such a thing at home.

My mother told me something when my son was first born.. "You have to be consistent. You cannot teach your child right from wrong when it is convenient for you". {side note: same thing the dog trainer told us!!! ROFLOL}

I tried hard to remember this while raising my son, now 15. People tell me all of the time what a pleasure it is to have him around. {side note #2: same thing with the dog!!!}

The buck has to stop somewhere. Saying that it is because you were rebelling against something is the reason why your kids' kids are ill-mannered is just another excuse. (S)

Welcome Rolling Stone!

BTW, I have been a victim to the hot sauce throwing, temper-tantrum, screaming, kicking kid at the restaurant. When we finally decided that it was not our idea of a peaceful evening out, lol, we started going out later in the evening. Fixed that right up!!!

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