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On 10/20/99 10:20:59 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>Actually, that little snipit I
>posted came from an email you
>sent me last week! See, I do
>read my email!!!
>Re: Cayce, I went there, but
>only saw the sample profile
>report. I will go back and
>check the rest.
>BTW, everything OK? .....

Hiya DJ...

EEK! Do you know I don't even remember sending it to you in an E-mail. I do remember us talking about it, but not the E-mail. Hummm

Re the Edgar Cayce reading...YES! You have to fiddle around to get to to go through.

Re your other question: I think one of us is having ICQ problems. I Uh Oh'd you a few times but didn't get an answer. Is that what you meant when you asked if everything was o.k.?


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