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On 10/18/99 8:58:23 PM, DJ Lost wrote:
>Did you get to see that post?
>You, me and boston legal
>department(?) were online at
>the same time today along with
>a few others...did you happen
>to catch that string that Rob2
>is talking about???
>I am just curious as to why it
>got yanked off of here.
>-DJ (?)


YES!!!! I did see that. I saw ALL OF IT! I had to run out to teach a class but when I came home I was shocked to see that the entire string was gone! As for why it was yanked ...well......ahhhh.....errrr....LOL....I believe it might have had something to do with the content of Rob2's post and a little legal point that I highlighted in mine to him.

...and that's putting it all mildly! LOL


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