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Hi, I remember the cemetery on the side of Emerson Hill from the '40's. I lived across the street from there on Price St. (Gone) It ran from Richmond Rd. for one block into Clove Rd. On Richmond Rd. between Clove Rd. and Price St. were the Car barns for the S.I. busses. Behind them, was an Episcopal Church. I lived Directly across the street from the Church. Many a time I climbed the steps up to Emerson Hill from the corner of Clove and Richmond. I used to wander through that graveyard often. There were lots more than 5 or 10 headstones then. Where do you live in relation to it all ? I worked at the Concord Pharmacy at 716 Richmond Rd. from 1943 to 1948. Also lived on Steuben St and DeKalb Av. I'm 67 and this was all in my teens. Hope I didn't tell you more than you wanted to know ! Bob from La Canada/Flintridge, Ca.

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