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On 10/17/99 8:20:44 AM, Ace328bc wrote:
>day we'll have to start a
>string on whether people
>should be able to sue and
>recover damages from the
>effects of smoking-what a
>hornet's nest that would open!
We kinda went though this when the tobacco companies were on trial. As I predicted, since We The People allowed the gov't. to attack a company that makes a LEGAL product whether harmful or not, for the side effects of that product, the same kind of lawsuit is now being used against the gun manufacturers. Right now it is "fashionable" to be against cigarettes and guns, but what happens when people start suing automobile manufacturers for all the damage THEIR products cause? Or liquor and beer companies? How about we sue the manufacturers of baseball bats, since HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people are hurt every year by other people wielding them?
As I said once before, no matter what product you think of there are side effects to it. So what does all of this do?
All it does is cost the taxpayers money to fight these cases, and all it does is raise the cost of doing business, which in turn is then passed on to the consumer, in other words those SAME taxpayers.
We The People need to learn to be responsible for our OWN actions and not look to blame any one else for what we decide to do.

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