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I remember Walker-Gordon Farm - my Mom had some health problems and was advised to drink only WG Milk. She was given a prescription for WG Milk. Mom had to drink only Walker-Gordon milk for a couple of years - it took care of whatever the problem was at the time.

After getting the special milk request approved by his supervisor our Weisglass milk man used to deliver it right to the door along with the regular milk and butter.

During the longggggggg milk strike (think it was late 50's) my Dad had to drive over to Jersey to pick it uP. I remember going and we were given a mini-tour by one of the workers while we were waiting for a fresh batch to be bottled. I know WG was special because I'm pretty sure it was right from the cow - it was raw milk - that was the reason a Dr. had to write an Rx for us to get it.

One VERY special thing about Walker-Gordon Milk was the it has about 2 inches of cream that floated on top - mmmmmmmmm good - Mom said when she was a kid back in England they used to fight for the "milk topper" before my Grandmother would shake it to mix the cream with the rest of the bottle.

We were notified that Walk-Gordon Farms closed in the early 70's - there is a book written about WG.

"Now, just over 100 years after Walker-Gordon Laboratories first purchased acreage in Plainsboro and established its own farms, Edward Tindall and C. Stanton Clark have written
"Walker-Gordon: One of a Kind." - "No one else had written a book, and we decided it was time — while there were still people around who had been involved"



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