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"The Tech Rep" by James Michener; Continued:

"In the remote areas of the world, I have
known hundreds of tech reps-aviation, heavy
tractors, communications, x-ray technicians,
Coca-Cola bottlers, General Motors
maintenance-and they always have four

First, they are intelligent. Most of them
quit education before acquiring their college
degrees, but they know much than the average
college graduate. And they continue their
education throughout their lives. If
Lockheed discovers a better way to do
something, the tech rep in in Burma will
study the report in his jungle hut until he
knows every nuance of the innovation, knows
it perhaps better than the man who dreamed it
up. Or if Lockheed overlooks something it
should have been attending to, some tech rep
in Burma or Pakistan will invent a device
that will do the trick. Their knowledge is
pragmatic, but profound.

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