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On 10/16/99 8:38:34 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
What if I want to
>light a cigarette? (I don't
>smoke but what if....)

When I was young, I pumped gas in a gas station -- MANY times with a lit cigarette hanging out of my mouth!!! When I got a little older I worked as a mechanic(oops "Automotive Technician" to be PC), and was constantly smoking in the garage and around the pumps AND the truck that delivered the gas!!! I used to amaze the people that would say that I was going to blow myself up -- by putting my cigarette OUT in a bucket of gas to show that gasoline is NOT quite as flammable as people are led to believe. Gas IS flammable but the chances are VERY slim that it WILL ignite from anything burning. You have MORE of a chance to ignite the FUMES with a spark, and then only if the day is extremely hot, which causes the fumes to hang in the air.

Although I know the above to be true, I in no way advocate smoking around a gas pump, or leaving your car running while filling the tank. The above was just to let everyone know that there is NO reason to be paranoid about your local gas station blowing up, BUT IT DOES HAPPEN!!!

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