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Contrary to your belief, you did promote "the glycyrrhizin aspect of liquorice". Please take special note of the fact that I did not say that you were promoting licquorice itself. There's a big difference.


By definition the word "promote" means: "to endorse" or "to give your support to". I suppose starting a string with the words "(here's the UP side)" doesn't equate to an endorsement in your book though heh? Be that as it may, it is one anyway.

Also, by definition the word "stake" means: to have a vested interest in. NO WHERE in my post to you did I mention, hint at, or even privately believe that you were saying what you were saying for the benefit of some kind of personal gain.

Quite frankly if you really want to know what I was thinking I'll tell you. I thought it was a copy and past job from something you found somewhere on the net!

Either way though, it doesn't interest me much who's words they were as it was a promotion and it did leave out important facts which, without my disclaimer, could very well have incurred some serious ramifications for innocent people.


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