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On 10/16/99 6:20:56 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>I always leave my car running
>while I fill up. I feel a
>scolding coming on.
>-DJ (cringing and taking
>cover, just in case)

You bet your sweet patooy you feel a scolding come on you BAD GIRL! *LOL*

Seriously though....Don't do it!!! In less than the blink of an eye.....your life (if you're blessed enough to still have it) can be totally altered.

I'm saying it loud so you'll hear me and so you will remember next time you fill up your car: DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And BTW...I only yell at people I care about! *LOL* Don'tcha have that warm and fuzzy feeling now???? *flinching and twitching away*


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