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On 10/15/99 1:47:45 PM, DJ Lost wrote:
>Ok, Donna,
>If I didn't know better I
>would say you have been
>reading the Urban Legends
>page. LOL.
>Actually, they had a news
>story on one of the local
>channels here about this. I
>didn't watch it though -I had
>gotten a call on my cell phone
>while I was out putting gas in
>my car and I missed the news
>that night. lol

Hey DJ...I don't even know what the "Urban Legends Page" is! Is there really such a thing or was that a joke? *LOL*

One question though....the night the news broadcast was on and you missed it.......did you happen to hear any really loud KABOOMS?????? *ROTFLOL*


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