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On 10/15/99 1:58:15 PM, DJ Lost wrote:
>BTW, Donna...
>Lou and I got tickets to go
>see John Edward
>e in December when he comes to
>I will have to let ya' know
>how that goes!

Hey DJ....You lucky duck you!!! But guess who I have tickets to see live???? *Donna sticks her tongue out at DJ* I have tickets to see Sylvia Brown! *LOL* I really do! Nanner Nanner Nanner! Did I tell you that already though? *S* Sorry if I did.

Anyway, Yep! I go to see Sylvia Brown in November...I think it's November 12th. I got the tickets through The Learning Annex but she'll actually be in the Jacob Javits Center!

YEE HAA!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.

BTW...I'm actually taking the KING of Doubting Thomas's (he'll kill me if he ever see's this) ...MY SON! That part alone should be interesting! *LOL*

This Twinship stuff is really getting to the WOW WOW WOW stage! LOL You've just gotta come to ~*Heart and Soul*~! You're one of us to be sure!!! You should come now too as we just got a whole new bunch of people! *S* On November 11th we celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary! Sooooo....C'mon and meet the {{{Group}}}!!! *S*

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