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Speaking of teaching Greeks: an impossible assignment. Here's why: the Greek word for "I" is Ego. And that's how most of the Greeks I've tried to teach anything technical to acted. They already thought they knew it all and could do it faster and better.

They also had the disconcerting habit of flipping all switches, twisting all knobs and tweaking all adjustments of any piece of complex electronic gear they could get their hands on. If you asked one of them working with you if he understood English, he would always answer: "perfectly". Later when you yelled down from the antenna or from behind a transmitter cabinet for him to bring a wrench, you might get a screwdriver or a hammer.

It soon became apparent to me that the only way to get anything done while working with these guys was to learn their language. The first and most important word I learned was "ASTO". This means: ""keep your hands off". What a great word! Easy to pronounce and you could put any sort of inflection on it from polite to downright nasty.

I consider myself lucky that I worked with them on equipment firmly attached to the ground...I would never want to teach a Greek to fly...and then climb in an airplane (or a Link trainer) with him!

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