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We will all be seeing these signs going up at the corner gas station heres why...

Plans to warn against using cell phones BP Amoco plans to warn customers against using cellular telephones at its gasoline pumps in the United States amid concern that electronic impulses could start a fire, a company spokeswoman said today.

The risk is slight, but London-based BP Amoco doesn't want to take any chances, said Linda McCray, a company spokeswoman in Cleveland. The company will post warning signs at Amoco and BP stations by the end of the year.

"We are unaware of any incidents here in the U.S. in which a cellular has been linked to a fire or an explosion," she said. "This is not a ban – this is a precautionary warning."

She said customers still will be allowed to use cell phones away from gas pumps.

The Chevron Corp. also plans to warn against using cell phones. The company will place warning decals on gas pumps later this year, said Nancy Malinowski, a Chevron spokeswoman.

The city of Cicero, Ill., a Chicago suburb, recently passed the first law in the nation banning the use of cellular phones at gas stations.

Cell phone manufacturers have included warnings against such use in owner's manuals for years because they say that under certain conditions, cell phones could help generate sparks.

The American Petroleum Institute, which is looking into the reports, has so far found no substantiated reports of fires.


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