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Evergreen, Colorado

I read a disturbing story in the German papers and then later picked it up on the TV news. It seems there’s an 11year old boy in Evergreen, Colorado who’s been in jail for two months because he helped his five year old little sister go to the bathroom.

They were in their own back yard, and the little girl had to go urgently. She couldn’t get her pants down, so big brother helped her. A neighbor watching out the window saw what happened and called the sheriff. The sheriff came to the kids’ home and took the boy to jail in handcuffs, although the parents protested.

All appeals so far have been in vain. The boy is being detained in an adult facility. Since the family is Swiss (the boy has dual citizenship), they have gone back to Switzerland and are trying to fight their case through diplomatic channels…since using the local “justice” has not helped.

Has this story showed up in any US newspapers? I only get the “Stars & Stripes” over here and have not seen it. My view: If this has actually happened, how sick is our society becoming? It sounds like the “moral majority” has taken over. This is as bad as the Iranian Mullahs and some of the other fanatics….DAN BLAINE

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