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DJ, you haven't met me in my role as mother!

Now that kids are out of the house, I still continue this Mean Mum stance when I'm working at the library or with my private students.

"Feel free to walk!" "Use inside voices." "Don't push." "Please go outside to use your cellphone." And I got a roomful of applause when I said to a horrid child, the kind with invisible parents, "S T O P !!!" as he was working hard on destroying library property.

I'm from New Yawk, I'm over 50, I have grey hair, I'm a grandmother. All this adds up to *Don't mess with me kid!*

And yes, I do know how to smile, too. I smile a lot at his site.

Margie the usta be Mean Mum, but now Lovely Lady (think that'll fly?)

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