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There is a 120 acre piece of land sitting by the Outerbridge
Crossing (left coming onto Island) that the EDC, NYC Agency wants to convert to a large shopping mall. This land is beautiful and the only large piece left on the South Shore that hasn't been sold to developers!

The S.I. Taxpayers' Assoc. needs your help by supporting our idea to turn it into a recreational center.....there is room for a school, senior citizen assist residence, and establishment of a needed Community Center like Cromwell Center.

It would be great if you can let our Borough President & Councilmen from S.I. know that you are against another Mall!
We don't need this.....We don't want it.....and its time we
let our officials know we want recreation 1st and money making malls last.....Included in our plans is to enlarge and enhance the horse trails, adding a public stable, etc.

We also feel if any commercial stores are to be a requirement than they should be little, etc. like New Hope, Pa; Flemington & Princeton, NJ!

Please support our efforts to keep this land for the people not $$$$$$$$$ hungry investors........

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