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How strong are your "Christian" beliefs? How strong are her "Muslim" beliefs? If she is a dedicated Muslim, and you are a "Holiday Christian", and if you REALLY feel that strongly about her, consider converting. This may make her feelings for you stronger, but if you are wrong in the assumption that her feelings are stronger than she says, it may drive her away. If her family plays a big role in her life, and her father already has a suitor picked out, or wants to be the one to pick her suitor, then it may be a no go no matter what.
You did not mention if the two of you are from different racial backgrounds, as this may also put a strain on any chance this relationship may have.
In all honesty there is no one that can help you with this decision, it must come from your heart, with a little help from your head. Remember the old saying: TRUE love conquers ALL, and try to figure out whether or not this IS true love.
I wish you the best! Good Luck!

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