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I dated a girl for a few months and it was the most intense, immensely close relationship of my life when suddenly she broke up with me for no reason. Unfortunate for me, she is Muslim and I am Christian, which was a major issue during our relationship. I feel that this is a major contribution to our breakup, but I am not entirely sure. Here it is 2 years later and I am still deeply in love with her with thoughts about her daily. I know I didn't do anything wrong, and despite her shyness, she actually pursued me. I have had many other relationships since then but she has been on my mind every day since and there is nobody in this world who I want other than her. Nobody. I'm trying to get over her but isn't working well, I've nearly given up short of taking a pill to rid her entirely from my memory. We haven't kept in touch that great, but after every few months or so one or the other of us prompts us to get back to talking, usually by phone or e-mail. We are both in our early/mid 20's. I'm just wondering what I should do if anyone has a suggestion with my awkward situation. I understand that patience is a virtue I must especially control, but it's extremely tough. I told her how I felt a long time ago, but unfortunately it was in the form of a note. She told me she didn't feel the same, but her actions and demeanor say otherwise.. I personally don't see the religion difference as that big of a deal, but her father wants to fix her marriage, even though she is beyond the typical marrying age. I've never been in love before and am coming to a major conflict with what I want to do and what I should do. Help if anyone can assist.

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