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Hi Jim,

I don't like the name calling either. (On that much we do agree.) It's not only very childish it's as far from proper debate and discussion form as you can get. The only people who resort to name calling in a debate are the people with no real meat for the discussion. I also agree PHILOSOPHICALLY with your view on residency and running for office. I do think that in the big picture, anyone should be able to run for office anywhere and let the people (vote) decide. HOWEVER.....I also believe in fairness. That supercedes my philosophy about the residency requirements for potential elected officials. I feel that way because I don't believe in double standards.

As someone mentioned last week (It could have even been you, I just don't remember.) high school students applying to State Colleges have to show residency there for a number of YEARS prior to getting that state's "rate". Before getting any Government assistance for Nursing Home Care, the elderly have to show tax forms dating back a number of years. I don't think that the desire to run for public office is worthy of any more rights or priveliges than the average American gets. In fact, I'll go a step further. It's actually UNAMERICAN! A public official is elected to SERVE the people not to be served BY the people.

As for the spell checker I have always found that to be an inconsequential point as I I'm always more interested in content than presentation.

As for being a Registered Democrat: So am I, but I don't really see that that has anything to do with this discussion. I actually vote independently.

The way I see it....the crux of this discussion is FAIRNESS....and in my estimation neither the presentation of the "Anonymous" poster NOR the ~wavers~ for political wanna~be's is in accordance with it.


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