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Hey, folks:

I find myself sentimentally on the side of Anonymous here, though I don't much like the name-calling and the failure to use some sort of spell-checker.

That is to say, Hillary has a right to run for the Senate from New York if she establishes a residence in New York--not even before Election Day, but before the day she would be sworn in. That is her right, just as freedom for us to express ourselves is a right. "Carpetbagger" isn't a term that fits the situation. Criticize her on other grounds, please, or agitate for a change in the election laws.

I greatly fear, however, that this discussion can't do anything other than degenerate into a chicken-and-egg sort of endless and pointless search for answers to questions like "Who messed up first?" and "Who messed up worst?" There's lots of blame to spread around, throughout all political parties, and we ought to stop carrying on like this. I'm fully aware, however, that we all have the freedom to continue behaving like nitwits if we care to.

Jim Donnelly
Hyattsville, Maryland
Registered Democrat--but don't worry; I can't vote for Hillary. And if anyone's interested in why I'm a Democrat, send me e-mail and I'll try to answer. I won't do it here.

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