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~Thinking Out Loud~

Hummmmm Let me get this straight...

Anonymous #twelve billion two hundred and skatey eight thousand believes in Hillary Clinton's FREEDOM to run for any office she so desires regardless of her previous interest or rather DIS~interest in the location in question, they just don't believe in the FREEDOM of others to not like it and express that in a DISCUSSION FORUM. Interesting. Very interesting. Also very noteworthy is the fact not only did THE NAMELESS ONE not consider the expression of opinion a FREEDOM, but ironically they somehow felt FREE as a bird to insult the people who did. Sounds like a case of SELECTIVE FREEDOM to me....which as I recall would technically be classified as an oxyMORON.

Hey you remember voting for any ONE person to be the sole Gate Keeper to the Freedom Rule Book? I sure as heck don't.


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