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new to chat room, but after reading your brain washed insults to the clintons had to reply....1st Guiliani is a self centered can you be so stupid....he voted him and his friends like Molinari raises....he's trying to change the City Charter without listening to the people...
and if he doesn't get his way he huffs & puffs! The people surrounding him like Herman Bodio (spelling wrong) & Henry
Stern are embarrassing! That's all we need to have him become Senator! ....and 2 last comments....I voted for him because I was brain washed 2....never again!
Now you can't even play ball in park without paying a fee,
and just because him and his land-ower friend Guy Molinari, like the Yankees he is spending over $40M of our taxpayers money for a farm team stadium while our own youth and young adults who want to play even a sandlot game have no fields because his corrupt administration has sold all the land in
public auction to all the developers! WAKE UP!
and as far as the Clintons, yes, Bill Clinton lied, but I can name at least 10 local republicans who are fooling around right now......If Guiliani is so innocent, let me remind you that his 1st marriage was to his 2nd cousin and as far as this one, God bless Donna....she caught him and is getting on with her life without him!
As far as Washington....As a person who has been around,
every one of our Presidents 'rented' out night rooms to their friends....
Sadly, the only thing Reps know to do is be negative and attack anyone who isn't.....clean up your own backyards first......lastly, the only reason NYC is in the black is because he doesn't hire any replacements! Spend some of your free time and ask how many Bd of Health Inspectors we have to cover each borough....or, ask what powers he has 'granted' to the Building Dept. who he has under his thumb and the builders & developers get everything they want....they don't even try to hide the corruption by going through the Com. Bds anymore because they don't have too!
Some may fall for your BS but most of us whose tax money is going to their personal wants will not!
Finally, If Hilliary wants to run what's your problem? She knows just as much about our State as Guiliani, and we will see who does their homework the best! I prefer to listen to all the positions on issues before I automatically attack a person like you. You must belong to the Christen movement, they are the ones who made me like the Clintons despite their faults, which everyone of our elected officials have right now! You probably were praising Newt a year ago.....The only good one running is McClan and they are now trying to smear him....Get a life...
Grow Up.....they are using you in much more than a way then the Clinton's would!

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