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The glorious fall weather made the castle seem like
a prison and the Queen Mum just had to get out and smell
the fall.
So she put on her walking shoes, packed a lunch for herself of a nice sandwich, a thermos of an unseen beverage, a big ripe apple, and took off for places unstated to anyone.
It had been such a long time since she had seen her
brother and it was now time to go to the crystal cave for
a conference with him.
Merlin of course did not have to be told she was
approaching so he just sat out in the sun on one of his
favorite tree stumps and waited.
Soon, she strolled up. She now had a new wig of flaming red hair done in tight curls. Leave it to the old
girl to shock all. It did look good on her tho! Boy would
she ever change? Not a chance. She never would give in to
old age, in thought,mind or spirit. He adored her for it.
After she sat and they enjoyed lunch, he invited her
in and they went on up to the crystal room in the rear of
his cave. If they reclined and looked up it was a blaze with colors in the afternoon sun.
By just meditating and gazing at it he was able to see what was ahead for her in the future. He told her that the
Queen was not going to let the trio of little ones ever
grow up if not influenced by her more. She must prevail and get Regina to let them grow up and mature. It would be wise to get them tutors that would take firm control and fast.
At this time there were a couple of graduating scholars at the University he had attended that he recommended. One male and one female. He wrote down their names and gave them to OldTymer to give to the Queen. It would finally be her decision of course.

He also saw trouble at the castle with Dr Sunderson. He had finally finished his project in the basement. Seems he had built a time machine and was going to experiment with sending someone on to the future. Hmmmmmmm who would he choose but Old Salt himself!! Now that would be something to see....after all he was used to going to distant places and could sure observe with a practiced eye!

Well, she must get on with her day so she said good-by to Merlin and musing over the thing he saw, chuckled and figured on checking out the basement lab of Dr. Sunderson very soon.,,,,,

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