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On 10/9/99 11:46:07 AM, CHATTER wrote:
>>>In certain African cultures
>>>Elephant dung is a religious
>>>icon. It is considered
>I have heard this claim made,
>but no one has yet identified
>the country or culture that
>supposedly venerates human
>waste, or cited specific
>instances of this.

I'm no fan of this sort of art, but please take a look at what you've written here: (a.) "In certain African cultures Elephant dung is a religious icon," and (b.) ". . . no one has yet identified the culture that supposedly venerates human waste . . . "

Wouldn't you like to modify one or the other of those two clauses? Unmodified they don't make any sense--one bears no relation to the other--so it's impossible to tell whether they apply to the Brooklyn Museum case or not.

Jim Donnelly

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