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I have been on both sides of the situation. Even the best child misbehaves sometimes. My youngest son had the terrible two's from 14 months till almost three. And during that period we rarely went out. What do expect the parents to do beat them or choke them or yell at them till they are under control. Do you think would be a pleasant experience?
Usually parents with young children try to go out early as to feed their children without standing in long lines and get them home early.

Two weeks ago I took my wife and sons out to eat and we sat next to a loudmouth bore and his wife who loudly told of all his experiences eating all over the world on there vacations. His wife would interrupt to correct him on certain points while their companions could only say "Oh really" "How nice". When they left the man at the table on the other side of them said to his wife "Good I was ready to leave without being served if they hadn't left. A child I could've taken better. Not only children need to behave when dining out!

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