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EXACTLY! Now it's YOU that have stated it all so perfectly. *S* Believe it or not I was just about to hunt up your post from yesterday to reply to you.

Yes, as you've stated, I'm quite sure there would be some prejudices if some products came out labeled as having been engineered and others of the same breed as not. That's an excellent point. But I, like you, think that being open about everything is always the best policy. That would AT THE VERY LEAST demonstrate to me that the company producing the product knows what integrity is and also that they have a sincere belief and faith in the value and safety of their "new" product.

My radar always goes up when important facts are deliberately kept hush hush.

As you've said though, their reticence could very well be because of the expectation of prejudices, but I, like you, still stand by that old favorite my Mother taught me...


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