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On 10/9/99 12:46:21 AM, bobsheridan wrote:
>Like lots of new stuff, it can
>be used for good or evil.
>The harm isn't in inventing
>it, but in how it's used, and
>who gets to use it on whom.
>You can start the discussion
>with weapons, nuclear bombs,
>say, and trace the development
>of weapons from H-bomb, to
>A-bomb, to high explosives, to
>machine guns, muskets,
>bow-and-arrow, atlatl and
>dart, to pointed stones.
>You can go to agriculture and
>animal husbandry, where
>genetic selection has been in
>vogue for the last 10,000
>years, at least. So the wheat
>bread we enjoy, and corn, and
>beef hamburgers, along with
>other farm animals, horses,
>and housepets, are all the
>product of man assisted
>genetic selection.
>You wanna draw some lines?
>Where do you wanna start?
>I say let 'em (the
>researchers) keep fooling
>around and see whether they
>come up with anything
>comparable to the fat turkeys
>I like around Thanksgiving.
>If we don't like what they
>produce, screw 'em, don't buy
>none a the damn things.

Believe it or not we sort of agree. (Who'd of thunk it!) The problems are not in the making of these things, they're in the possible mis~use of them. I also say....MAKE AWAY...they just MAY come up with something good! The only thing that I don't think is right is not TELLING anyone that it's a ~tampered~ product.

To ~screw~ em as in "not buying"...we have to know that there's a REASON to ~screw~ em in the foist place!!!

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