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Like lots of new stuff, it can be used for good or evil.

The harm isn't in inventing it, but in how it's used, and who gets to use it on whom.

You can start the discussion with weapons, nuclear bombs, say, and trace the development of weapons from H-bomb, to A-bomb, to high explosives, to machine guns, muskets, bow-and-arrow, atlatl and dart, to pointed stones.

You can go to agriculture and animal husbandry, where genetic selection has been in vogue for the last 10,000 years, at least. So the wheat bread we enjoy, and corn, and beef hamburgers, along with other farm animals, horses, and housepets, are all the product of man assisted genetic selection.

You wanna draw some lines?

Where do you wanna start?

I say let 'em (the researchers) keep fooling around and see whether they come up with anything comparable to the fat turkeys I like around Thanksgiving. If we don't like what they produce, screw 'em, don't buy none a the damn things.


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