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I eat out often and it seems that there is hardly a time anymore when adults can sit in a restaurant and enjoy a meal in peace and quiet. More times than not you have to tolerate crying or screaching children nearby, disrupting everyone in the place. And of course the noise level in the entire place goes up as everyone trys to talk over thes little brats.
Then you have the kids that have to run and play games in the place while others are trying to enjoy their meal.
My gripe is not so much with the kids, they are after all just kids, but in fact it is with the adults (parents) that allow this behavior to go on unchecked. I guess the old adage that the apple does not fall far from the tree holds true here.
I'm not talking of this happening in fast food restaurants, I'm complaining of it happening in nice restaurants where a dinner for two people is $50 or more.
As a child i would never have been allowed to act that way away from home, and if I did I certainly would have regretted it real fast at the hand of my Mom or Dad.
If parents wish to allow their children to disrupt other peoples meals maybe they should consider paying for that meal. The problem also lies with the owners of these establishments for not saying something to these people that this type of behavior is unacceptable in here. I have told people in restaurants that I do not think that obnixious children are either entertainaing or cute, and it usually leaves them speachless, yes sometime they are annoyed , but too bad I'm annoyed too.
What ever happened to courtesy and manners. I guess kids can't learn that in front of a TV or a computer.

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