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On 10/8/99 9:32:42 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>Oh, great! I only have like a
>million candles in my house!
>I am candle crazy! So, does
>that mean I don't have to
>worry, cause I am not elderly
>yet, OR, does that explain why
>I am so insane? lol

DJ...the ~TWIN~SHIP~ continues! I'm a candle maniac too!!! I even use them (WITH the Nun's permission of course *S*) in the classroom!!! EGADS! It makes me ill to think that I could be harming my students!!!! I was so happy the FALL was finally here so I could use my candles in the ~House~ again!!!!

What a bummer!!!!!!

Re the reason for your "insanity": LOL I'm not really sure.....but since we're so alike...if YOU'RE insane then...



I've decided that I'm NOT ~going there~!!! *LOL*

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