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CJoseph & Lee had hidden the Stimson float-plane in a quiet back-water of Jack's Pond, just north of Hillside Terrace in Great Kills. They were able to land it there without any of the surrounding residents knowing about it because they had run out of fuel and made a dead-stick landing on the pond at very low speed and full flaps. The two airdales figured they would have to abandon the plane because they didn't know what they would be able to do about refueling it.

The next morning, the city came out with a tank-truck and dumped 8,000 gallons of oil onto the surface of the pond to kill off the mosquito larva that normally breed in the pond.
CJoseph got the bright idea of roaming all over Great Kills, snitching all the panty-hose he could find, hanging on peoples cloths lines. Then he cut off the legs and he and Lee stuffed the legs with cat-tails that they found growing around the shore line of the pond. When this was accomplished the panty hose legs were tied together and dragged across the surface of Jack's Pond and the oil was collected and scooped into the Stimson's fuel tank.

Lee had long since switched the original Stimson's engine for a 3350-36WD (26 cylinder, radial engine) from an AD-5W Naval Attack aircraft. (Actually, this is supposed to be the most powerful reciprocating [Piston, not, Turbine] engine ever built and it was used in the up-graded B-29 Super-Fortress, the Bearcat fighter and the Super Constellation Trans-Atlantic airliner. This is the Mother Of All Reciprocating Engines)! This engine is supposed to use an ultra-refined, highly leaded gasoline, but Lee discovered that if he changed the pulleys on the engines Turbo-charger making the Turbo-charger spin 100% faster than it was designed to, that engine would burn almost anything, including used bunker oil.

Lee & Cjoseph had been living on the Stimson and it was lonesome floating on the pond, so they started to mimic the Bull Frogs that lived there. Much to their surprise they discovered that the Bull Frogs could talk back to them using morse code (which of course, ALL Airdales understand, being Navy and all).

Bull Frogs croak in low but very loud voices. They can communicate with other Bull Frogs that way, over very long distances. Not much escapes the attention of Bull Frogs. Therefore they knew all about the shennigans of Charlton Hairsuit and Willy the Actor Sutton on their escape from jail and all that other stuff.

When Charlton and Willie reached the Buddhist temple, they ran out of gas in their Indian Motorcycle. They pushed the useless bike into the pond on the temple grounds to hide it. That disturbed the Bull Frogs that lived in that Temple Pond and they protested loudly about being disturbed.

The Bull Frogs at Jack's Pond heard the uproar from the Temple Pond on Lighthouse Hill, and reported what had happened to CJoseph and Lee.

Charlton Hairsuit is one of Lee's all-time HEROS. Not only because he's Moses-like and can cause the Red Sea to part, but also because he is the President of one of the MOST WONDERFUL ORGANIZATIONS in the whole entire universe, the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION!

Because of his membership and support of the N.R.A. Lee had been able to equip the Stimson with Twenty-Four, 50 Caliber Machine guns (12 under each wing with every other one pointing to the rear [or AFT to you sailor types]).

Lee also had a 25 mega-ton nuclear bomb bolted under the Fuselage between the floats, but it didn't have a detonator so he used it for ballast. It was safe enough as long as he didn't crash directly into a non-moving surface or land too hard.

When the Airdales got the message via Bull Frog Express that Charlton Hairsuit and Willie The Actor were stuck at the Buddhist Temple on Lighthouse Hill, they cranked up that monster engine on the Stimson, got it all warmed up and took off, straight up, off the surface of Jack's Pond. They were up and away so fast that the residents of Great Kills Village figured they'd only heard a passing thunder storm.

One and a half minutes later the Airdales were over the Buddhist Temple on Lighthouse Hill where they throttled back the Monster Engine to almost an idle speed, lowered the barn-door sized flaps and coasted over the Temple Pond at only 15 miles an hour, dragging a long rope ladder to the ground. (O.T., had you waited one more day in N.J., this is how we would have rescued YOU, too! Gee, you missed all the fun).

Charlston Hairsuit looked up and recognized the 50 caliber machine guns and realized that the Airdales were his buddys. He gave Willie-the-Actor the word and Charlston grabbed the rope ladder and started climbing. Willie-the-Actor however........

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