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I've been told that the Outerbridge Crossing was named after the engineer that designed it, Mr. Outerbridge.

I was also told that at the time it was built, it was the longest bridge to use that design.

I was also told that that same Mr. Outerbridge designed and built the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia. They look the same and use the same design. But I can't tell you what their relative lengths are. I also can't tell you if Mr. Outerbridge was an American or an Australian.

I went to Grammar school (P.S.#8) with a kid who's father was an engineer on the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel, while they were building it. His Dad (and their entire family) were Australian. Interesting thing about this was that in the 8th grade our class went to the Bronx Zoo on a class outing. The TRUTH is that this kid had to travel all the way to N.Y.C. to see a Platypus! They are so rare in Australia, that he'd never seen a live one in his own country. But he got to see a live one at the Bronx Zoo! When the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel was completed, that family returned to Australia, to a place called Laralumla, New South Wales, Australia. I haven't heard from him in ages and can't locate my old address for him either.

Anyway, I'm not certain who it was that told me about Mr. Outerbridge. But I "Think" that it was brought up in class by this lad from Australia.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Cheers, Lee Shake

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