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On 10/7/99 5:58:10 PM, Rich LaDieu wrote:
>Hey Donna, How old is the
>Great JB?
>Is he still hanging onto 21
>years of age like me????
>Hey JB --- ditto from Donna.

Heyyyy Rich!

O.k.! C'mon now! You know me better than to ask a question like that! *LOL* Would I ever reveal something told to me in confidence? 'Course not! *S*

I will tell you this much about JB though.....

He has the ~Wisdom~ of the Ages and the Vitality of a New Born in his ~*Heart and Soul*~! Whatever chronological age he happens to be..... merely ~Incidental~ to who and what he really is!

And besides which....don't you know I count ~Past Lives~????


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