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On 10/6/99 9:53:55 AM, MM5168 wrote:
>I wonder if it were Martin
>Luther King with elephant s...
>on him, and the mayor decided
>it was offensive, if there
>would be such an outcry over
>so-called censorship. If you
>want to see that garbage, by
>all means, go ahead, no one is
>trying to stop you, just don't
>ask the public to pay for
>it.Freedom of expression does
>have limits, no matter what
>the American Criminal
>Liberties Union (ACLU) says.

1. The ACLU stands for the American CIVIL Liberties Union.
Their entire reason for being is to defend the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, those rights can be interpreted in many ways, and they do even cover criminals.
2. If "freedom of expression does have limits" then it ISN'T FREEDOM!!! The definition of being free is to be WITHOUT limits!!!!
3. Remember the saying: "One man's trash is another man's treasure", before becoming an art critic. After all, I have seen some "art" by Picasso (among other "masters") that I wouldn't give you a nickle for, that is supposedly priceless!!!

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