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On 10/6/99 12:53:12 PM, JR wrote:
>I did the eyes open kissing
>thing with a girl from
>Tottenville that I meet on the
>4:02 SIRT. She was
>so beautiful I couldn't close
>my eyes in her presence,
>especially when her eyes were
>smiling back. Good
>thing we never got serious - i
>would have never gotten
>any sleep.

Sooo JR...if I read you right....this ...ahhhh....SIRT girl *LOL*....must have thought that YOU were one mighty fine looker too since you said that her "eyes were smiling back"! *S* That makes you two ~even~.

Art and Julane were ~even~ too!

What I can't help wondering about is all of the ~halfsies~ that have occurred! :-0

Yep! Somewhere out there in the ~Time/Space Continuum~...there are people that were ~WATCHED~ at a very intimate moment in their lives....

.....and to date haven't got a blessed CLUE about it! *ROTFLOL*


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