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"The Tech Rep" by James Michener; Continued

"Whatever financial good luck I've had in my latter years has sprung primarily from the fact that I've worked with tech reps, those tough, difficult men who serve at the frontiers of modern industry. If I were required to operate in a dangerous terrain, I would rather have as my companion a good tech rep than any other type of man. I could depend on him.

What is a tech rep? Look at it this way. Pan American Airways has a handful of outmoded propeller planes it can no longer use on long hauls in competition with jets. So it unloads them cheap to some small country which is just beginning its own airline and needs short-haul planes...say Burma. To sweeten the deal Pan American arranges with Lockheed, who made the prop planes, to send along a team of six technical representatives to explain to the Burmese how to operate the old planes."

To be continued.

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