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Hey! What about TOttenville 8? That was when we had an operator. I remember the first dial phone we had. We got the phone before the dial tone was hooked up, so you'd pick up a phone with a dial and still get an operator for ... must have been a few weeks.

Then from TOttenville, we moved to the YUkon. But we didn't have to put in a change of address. Strange how the phone company works.

If I look *very* hard I may be able to find the 1963 phone book we brought with us from SI when we moved. Or maybe it's all fallen to pieces by now. That would have the _new_ dial prefixes in it, not the old ones with operators.

When we got a new minister, his wife commented to my mother that she was worried about those girls coming and going at all hours of the day and night, every day of the week. And they all worked at one building across from the parsonage. It was the phone company.


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