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Thanks everyone for the support I feel from all these posts.

I have been off line for a week due to some stupid deleting on my part, I lost windows and could not get on. My Guru just left and have been catching up.

As for the condition of my hubby...... He is having a bad time most nights getting sleep. He has dementia and is lost or bewildered and of course it interrupts my sleep pattern also. I am not complaining at all. He has some good days and some when he is depressed and sleeps a lot. His depression is because he knows of his problems at night and wishes to just "GO".

I mentioned to Donna that as much as I love him and do not know what life will be like without my mate of 58 years on the twelfth of this month, I will accept whatever the good Lord chooses.

He is having some nice days now and I choose to believe it is the answer to all the above prayers.

He is not at deaths' door. Just that he wants to go on as he is feeling like a burden. Of course we try and tell him he is not. He sure would do the same for me if the shoe were on the other foot.

Keep up the good work and thanks again all of you my close island buddies, I do appreciate it.

Marcene, the oldtimer

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