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On 10/4/99 5:17:53 PM, CharlieJ wrote:
>All you Oct. Brides & Grooms.
>We're another pair. Oct. 18th,
>our 25th - The big silver one.
>Now what the h am I gonna' get

Pre~Congrats Charlie and a Great Big Well Well Well! We sure do have a little club of October Brides and Grooms here don't we? *S* The 25th is a BIGGY so make sure you get her something Special!!! How about a Special *wink wink* weekend vacation??? *LOL*


While I can't ACTUALLY speak for YOUR wife...I can tell you that JEWELRY of ANY kind always words for me and the majority of my friends too! *LOL*

BTW What do you think she's going to get YOU? *S* I bought my husband a DVD player!

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