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On 10/4/99 1:39:58 PM, Art wrote:
>Funny you should mention "Time
>flies when......" That is
>exactly what we said to each
>other and the card I made
>endorsed the concept.
>We celebrated the day by
>running in The Komen
>Foundation's "Race For The
>Cure" 5K race to benefit
>Breast Cancer research. For
>the past several years the
>Baltimore race has been held
>on our anniversary date. Our
>little family group all
>finished in under 30 minutes
>for our 30th! Hooo-Ah!
>Visit the StatNislander's
>Photo Album and my ArtnScience
>Home Page

WOW! It's even more ~synchronistic~ than you know! I was going to tease you and say: What, no picture??? LOL I swear it!!!

Nice Card!

Nice Picture! *S*

Happy Anniversary again!

BTW...Special Thanks to you and your family for the "run"! My people (breast cancer survivors *LOL*) truly appreciate it! They have a "walk" here at Clove Lakes every year but I believe I missed it this year! :-(

Thank God.....there's always next year! *S*

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