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On 10/4/99 11:32:26 AM, Art wrote:
>My wife and I tried kissing
>each other with our eyes open.
>If you do that, the person who
>you are kissing will look like
>they have one eye in the
>middle of their forehead. LOL
>We'll continue kissing. Today
>is our 30th anniversary.
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>Photo Album and my ArtnScience
>Home Page

Happy Anniversary Art! My Husband and I just celebrated our 21st Anniversary on October 1st. As they say, and as I'm sure you also know, time certainly does fly! *S*

Re the ~kissing with vision~ that you and your wife did: Was this simultaneous looking or did you two take turns????

Could you just imagine if someone thought to themselves: Hey! I think I'll open my eyes now.......

....only to find the other person already staring RIGHT AT YOU!!!!


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