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On 10/3/99 10:47:03 AM, The Great JB wrote:
>Hey, Donna!
>This machine just told me that
>you paged me. I don't know how
>to respond to that
>information. I need either
>forgiveness or instruction, or
>maybe both.
>Jim Donnelly

Ohhhhh Jim!!!! What a sweetie you are! Now it's my turn to apologize. *S* I only saw your post about the page just now! You know, it's really funny, because I had wondered if you had gotten the page! LOL Technology being what it is, you never really know if the other person received it. I did wait around for a tiny bit after I sent it to you to see if you would respond and then I believe I had to poof! I'm sorry I didn't see your post about it all right away. The Page thingy is weird the first time you get it especially since I'm usually in more than one place at a time. *S*

Jim, you need no forgiveness at all! *S* I totally understand the confusion. I see that Gina has posted to you about it so perhaps she already gave you the instructions. I'll go read her post now.

The message that I paged you with still stands though! *S* You know what I mean! Right? *wink*


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