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Hiya Chief (JR),
I don't get your post. Are my sea stories too much bullshit? Or is my writing crappy? Did I offend with the wives joke? If so, I'm sorry. The sea stories are (mostly) true. (I was once told by a shellback [he was a blue-nose too] that he had gone through more seabags than I went through socks and don't try to tell him any sea stories). I got a medal for that fire I mentioned. (The Dauntless Kolokotronis, Greek registered oil tanker, 1978, New Orleans River Roads). I know, big deal, just doing the job, but if they had given me medals for all the times I was scared shitless, I'd have a closet full and that one scared me more than most. That is part of the reason for writing the stuff I do...I know I need practice and lots of it. Sorry if I ticked you off and if I misunderstood your post, I'm sorry for that too. I'm going into a creative writing class next semester or the one after and I'm just working it out. You would probably hate the fiction I try to write. I can recognize good writing when I see it, but all my stuff seems trite and weak.

If your dad was in an iron-hull you really should read that "Voyage" by Hayden. It is about one of the first iron-hull sailing ships bound from Maine to SF, around the horn carrying a load of coal that starts burning in pockets deep in the hold, all while trying to get past the 'other' Staten Island....
That's really writing.

I'v run into shallow water sailors off the coast of Vietnam, at a loran station south of Malta in the Med, and of course when taking cargo to Antarctica in '64. That was neat as I was usually the oldest shellback wherever I went. Everyone who went to sea, including my dad who sailed iron hulled sailing ships in 1912, and those who watch from close to shore, like at the old marine hospital in Clifton all have a sea story. The only problem with really writing is in most cases it takes practice and lots of it.

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