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Hi Jim...ya just have to click on that little bell shaped thingy to the left of the nick name and a text box pops uP. Type what you want and click on send...well not exactly what ya want cause it only holds uP to 150 characters...speaking of "characters" (in a fond way) I wonder if our rs got his bravery mustered uP an took the mouse challenge, getting those e-mails on their way LOL

Note: someone pages "U", maybe "U" don't notice it right away..."U" finally do an respond, "U" wait n waittttttt for a reply, which doesn't happen :( ... now don't get bent out of shape thinking you're being ignore...depending on where on site a person is they may or may not hear the "little sound" of the page or be in an area of the web site where paging cannot be received. The other thing that's a possibility is that there was a length of time between your noticing the page and responding to it and in that time the person who initiated it may have left of logged off...their nick name may be still showing because of the "refresh" delay but they are no long available on site.

BTW I'm pretty sure you can only receive a page when you're on the "Current User" screen. I know "U" can only send from there.

Not sure i the above reads to clearly but I think you get my drift :)

Don't let the mouse bite LOL...*GRINNING NOW*


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